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Medical gases - P2O5 Trace moisture measurement is very important

Medical gases are a group of technical gases that are produced specifically for use in the medical field. According to the central office of the federal states for health protection for medicinal products and medical devices (ZLG) depending on their use as medicinal products or medical devices, they have to be handled and manufactured accordingly.

Examples for medical gases: Oxygen, carbon dioxide, medical air, nitrous oxide.

The purity and filling of medical gases is usually controlled by pharmacist in the companies.

Moisture determination in medical gases

The European Pharmacopoeia and various international standards regulates the residual moisture or trace moisture measurement in medical gases. The moisture content of these gases represents an essential quality criterion and lies in the range of <67 Vppm H2O.

DIN 50450-1: 1987-08: Testing of materials for semiconductor technology; determination of impurities in carrier gases and doping gases; determination of methane impurity in H2, O2, N2, Ar and He by using a flame ionization detector (FID) - descibes the measurement method by using a diphosphorus pentoxide cell (P2O5) and also specifies the test method to be used for the group of medical gases.

The AQUATRACE® IV moisture trace measuring system is therefore predestined for the control and monitoring of medical gases.
The coulometric measurement method used with this system based on a diphosphorus pentoxide cell is a very sensitive method that can be traced back to basic physical quantities and is very easy to use.

A special advantage of the AQUATRACE® IV is that the measured values ​​can be continuously recorded via the data logger included in the standard configuration and output via a USB interface or optionally via the Ethernet interface using FTP. This provides the user with excellent options for documentation and validation.

With the AQUATRACE® IV there is an analysis system available for measuring moisture in medical gases.

Another example with a with additional trace moisture monitoring with an AQUATRACE®-ATT520 transmitter can be found here.

Further standards related to trace moisture measurement in medical gases:

DIN EN 737-3:2000

DIN EN ISO 15883-1

DIN EN ISO 7396-1:2010-08

DIN ISO 10083:2008-12

DIN 50450-1:1987-08



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