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DKS GmbH - Gas Measurement, Trace Moisture measurement in gases
We have been experts in gas measurement technology and data visualization for more than 30 years

The DKS GmbH develops intelligent solutions for gas measurements, especially in the area of ​​trace moisture measurement in inert combustible and corrosive gases using the proven P2O5 measurement method. We are the right partner for your measurement task! We advise you competently and practically when it comes to measuring methods around gas concentrations and implement your projects from planning to acceptance. Our premium partners help us to round off our range. End customers and mechanical engineering companies from the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, glass and semiconductor industries as well as from other branches such as environmental technology, energy management and medical technology achieve higher process reliability and thus productivity with our solutions and thus optimize their work environment. Our solutions are used worldwide. We can look back on 30 years of successful company history and can proudly claim to be the innovation leader for P2O5 measurement technology. In order to be able to offer our customers the greatest possible benefit, we will continue to develop our products.

Our services are aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction and to be an important partner for all issues of industrial measuring techniques.

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