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Solutions for process gas monitoring

  • Sensor monitoring
  • Measurement data acquisition
  • Visualization of process data
  • Monitoring of process data
  • Alerting
  • Web interface
  • Data export
  • Individual hardware and software adjustments for integration into your IT


Examples of realized solutions in the areas of process instrumentation / process gas monitoring:

In process measurement and process gas monitor we have successfully implemented many projects. Determination of dew point and hydrocarbon concentration in the exhaust gas of a Pharmareaktors, including monitoring (Jentec).

CO - and O2 monitoring and measurement of dew point for coal dust firing by steel furnaces at Voest-Alpine, Austria.

Online measuring of high concentrations of H2S in the process gas for online process control and control using Dräger sensors. The peculiarity of the measurement is the gas is extracted in the ex area via a special probe and the subsequent activation of dilution systems (TriCAT).

The picture shows another detail of the above described system. Here a gas treatment with active carbon is performed for the simultaneous measurement of H2, to meet the cross-sensitivity of the sensors for H2S.

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