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At this point we want to inform you about new developments and improvements of our products and our sales program.

SD-3 Serie: stationäre Gasdetektoren

Robust housing construction enables use in an extended temperature range between -40 to +70°C SIL2, ATEX, IECEx, 4-20mA, HART, MODBUS, CE, IEC(EN), MED, IP66,67

The SD-3 series products are stationary explosion-proof gas detectors that can continuously monitor the surrounding atmosphere for flammable gases, toxic gases and oxygen. These detectors detect gas leaks and trigger an alarm if preset concentrations are exceeded. The detected gas concentration is converted and output in the form of a 4-20mA analog output and a digital HART output signal. Other output options include Modbus communication (RS-485) and the use of three relays.

Portable personal protection gas detector with H2 compensation for CO sensor

The small and innovative GX-3R series gas detector is available in various sensor combinations, including: with a compensated CO sensor in the presence of hydrogen

World first

AQUATRACE® V, the new portable for measuring the trace moisture in gases is perfectly designed for mobile measurement tasks. The hard case protects the measuring cell and the evaluation electronics during transport. With the integrated digital flow meter you have a direct view of the flow via the large 7 "touchscreen. All Data will be logged permantet. You can easy export the data via USB-Stick or WiFi hotspot. An internal battery pack ensures that you can measure for up to 6 hours without an external power source.


Hydrogen, like any other gas, has a specific thermal conductivity (TC) value. The FTC for measuring the thermal conductivity recognizes exactly one of the two gases in a binary or quasi-binary (or pseudo-binary) gas mixture.

FTC series gas analyzers can be used to measure hydrogen in the following binary gas mixtures:


With AQUATRACE® ATT520 we present a new transmitter for determining the residual moisture in non-corrosive gases. We were able to improve the resolution significantly. This is now 0.01ppm or 1ppb, depending on the version. Furthermore, with the separately available COMBOX, we can facilitate the integration of the transmitter as well as the configuration. When the box is switched on, a WiFi hotspot is set up for about 30 seconds, with which you can dial in with your tablet, PC or mobile phone. The configuration is then simply done in the browser. Alternatively, the box is also available without WLAN, but with an RJ45 socket.

As the technological leader in measuring the traces of moisture in corrosive gases with P2O5 sensors, the DKS GmbH once again set a new standard with AQUATRACE®.

If one has believed that the P2O5 method used to measure the moisture content of trace gases is now exhausted, one is now convinced of the opposite.

Already 2 years ago we were allowed to test our transmitter in large systems of vacuum chamber dryers. At a residual pressure of approx. 5 mbara, the drying process of components up to a residual moisture content of approx. -30 ° C Tp could be continuously monitored.

Completely new requirements are currently being developed when using our P2O5 measuring method for monitoring the drying process of cryopumps.

The Glovebox is used for locally limited work under protective gas. When it comes to shielding materials from environmental influences or protecting the environment from the harmful effects of certain materials, Glovebox is used for both production and research.

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