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History of the DKS GmbH
Your partner for gas measurements, moisture in gases and trace moisture analyzers

DKS GmbH was founded in 1990. The company got its name from its founders, Mr. Dr. W. Schuffenhauer and Mr. U. Klein, and the place of founding Dresden..


DKS Firma



  • 1990 Foundation of DKS GmbH in Dresden with focus on:
    -Procurement of technical equipment
    -Recording of measurement data
    -Process solutions
    -Specialist for gas measurement technology
  • 1992 AQUATRACE® I Analyzer for traces of moisture
  • 1999 AQUATRACE® II Analyzer for traces of moisture
  • 2005 Management taken over by Dr. Steffen Meißner
  • 2009 Development of a P2O5 sensor
    bifilar Pt-wire winding on glass rod
  • 2010 AQUATRACE® III Analyzer for traces of moisture with big
    Touchscreen and Data logging and much more comfort
  • 2015 AQUATRACE® IV Analyzer for traces of moistureBased on the 3rd generation of AQUATRACE® we have
    made further improvements in the 4th generation in terms of performance, storage capacity and mobility (variant with battery).
  • 2016 Launching AQUATRACE® IV ATT500 transmitterTransmitter for measuring the traces of moisture for easy integration into process control. 0-500 ppmV
  • 2017 Development for a new sensor Generation for AQUATRACE®-series with 
    Pt-Interdigital structure on a ceramic support for chlorine and fluorine containing gases
  • 2019 Mathias Schneider recruited as project manager
  • 2019 Revision AQUATRACE® IV ATT500 transmitterTransmitter for measuring traces of moisture with OLED-display for easy integration into process control. 0-500 ppmV
  • 2020 Mathias Schneider starts as managing partnerMr. Dr. W. Schuffenhauer
    Mr. Dr. Steffen Meißner
    Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Mathias Schneider
  • 2021 Launch AQUATRACE® ATT520New Trace Moisture Transmitter for 0,01 - 500ppmV and
    1 - 20.000 ppbV
  • 2021 Official distribution partner ofThe largest manufacturer of gas warning devices and gas detectors

  • 2021 AQUATRACE® Smart Combox IoT for ATT5XXComfortable IoT solution for our transmitters.

  • 2021 AQUATRACE® V PortableAQUATRACE PortableWorld first: mobile trace moisture analyzer with flow meter and modern touchscreen operation as well as data logger and comment function.

  • 2022 Mathias Schneider is appointed managing director

  • 2022 AQUATRACE® ATT520VATT520V Trace Moisture TransmitterNew Version of ATT520V 0-500ppm or 1-20,000ppb, 4 different versions

  • 2022 AQUATRACE® ATT520ExATT520Ex Trace Moisture Transmitter for ATEX and IECExATEX | IECEx version of ATT520V; 0-500ppm or 1-20,000ppb

  • 2023 AQUATRACE® ATM.U New Ceramic Universal SensorholderAQUATRACE ATM measuring cellDKS further improves the already very good corrosion resistance of its sensors

  • 2024 AQUATRACE® ATT520X for harsh enviromentsAQUATRACE ATT520X Trace Moisture Transmitter for hars enviromentsOur new generation of ATT520 Trace Moisture Transmitter for very harsh enviroments and new inovative feature!

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