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SmartDPT Dewpoint Transmitter -120 to + 20 ° C dew point temperature

An advanced dew point transmitter

The SmartDPT makes monitoring dew points as easy as measuring temperature or pressure and can be immediately integrated into air or gas measurement and control systems. The highly automated manufacturing, calibration and test processes make the SmartDPT not only a very robust and reliable, but also a very inexpensive measuring instrument. By using our replacement sensor program, users can be sure that their process moisture measurement system will never be interrupted.

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AQUATRACE® V Portable - Mobile stand-alone trace moisture analyzer with data logger

World first

AQUATRACE® V, the new portable for measuring the trace moisture in gases is perfectly designed for mobile measurement tasks. The hard case protects the measuring cell and the evaluation electronics during transport. With the integrated digital flow meter you have a direct view of the flow via the large 7 "touchscreen. All Data will be logged permantet. You can easy export the data via USB-Stick or WiFi hotspot. An internal battery pack ensures that you can measure for up to 6 hours without an external power source.

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Medical oxygen analyzer CombiSens Analyzer MED-O2

The CombiSens Analyzer MED-O2 model is suitable for the analysis of medical oxygen in accordance with the guidelines of the European Pharmacopoeia.


We combine paramagnetic oxygen (99.99%), coulometric P2O5 moisture and IR CO and CO2 analyzers with a convenient operating concept and measurement data visualization, digital flow meter and memory for up to 6000 limit value alarms in just 6 height units. This makes the CombiSens Analyzer MED-O2 the only standard analyzer for medical oxygen available on the market that fully meets the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia.


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Humidity measurement with coulometric phosphorus pentoxide sensor

with AQUATRACE® - ppm/ppb trace moisture transmitters | and analyzers | humidity in gas | residual moisture | humidity traces | gas analyzers | moisture traces

We are your experts around the issues of trace moisture measurement in pure gas, neutral, combustible and corrosive gases including chlorine and fluorine gas. We look forward, if we can help you! Similar terms: humidity in gas, residual moisture, humidity traces, gas analyzers


  • no drift behavior
  • suitable for corrosive gases
  • fast reaction from dry to wet
  • fast reaction from wet to dry in comparison to dew point transmitters
  • Sensor easily regenerated by the customer
  • almost unlimited life of the sensor element
  • almost no follow-up costs
  • Particularly sustainable thanks to the modular design (sensor element can be replaced in the event of a break)
  • lower detection limit 0.001 ppm or 1ppb (on request)

Humidity measurement with coulometric phosphorus pentoxide sensor

AQUATRACE Spurenfeuchteanalysator

CombiSens multi-parameter platform for gas analysis

Multiparameter controller for analog and digital transmitters with extensive analyzer functions for Industry 4.0 - integration into a large number of fieldbus systems!


You are looking for a gas analyzer that can determine several parameters of a gas or gas mixture. Cross-sensitivities or physical and chemical restrictions force you to discard various measuring principles. This results in a colorful mix of products from different manufacturers. That means that you have many devices, high space requirements, different operating concepts of the devices, many passwords and finally the time-consuming integration into your control with various interfaces that do not optimally fit your infrastructure.

We have developed a universal controller that is unique on the market. It combines the functions of a multi-parameter gas analyzer with the possibility of integrating almost any measuring principle and this completely independent of the manufacturer!


CombiSens multi-parameter platform

The new generation of gas detectors: SD-3 series

The products of the SD-3 series are stationary explosion-proof gas detectors that can continuously monitor the surrounding atmosphere for flammable gases, toxic gases and oxygen. These detectors detect gas leaks and trigger an alarm if preset concentrations are exceeded. The detected gas concentration is converted and output in the form of a 4 - 20 mA analog output and a digital HART output signal. Other output options include Modbus communication (RS-485) and the use of three relays.

The robust housing construction (housing material: stainless steel, protection class corresponds to IP66/67) allows use in a wide temperature range from -40 to +70 °C (varies depending on sensor specification). A number of different mounting types (e.g. wall, pole and duct mounting) support a wide range of applications and installation environments.

The SD-3 series products also include the newly developed "F Sensor" sensor series. These high-performance smart sensors offer significantly improved performance compared to previous sensors, with a sensor degradation and lifetime evaluation feature and a three-year warranty.


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SD-3 Serie Gasdetektoren        Remote Sensor
Link zu SD-3 Serie Gasdetektoren

Gas detectors from RIKEN KEIKI for Li-Ion battery production | Battery cell production

You supply the accumulators, we supply the gas detectors for safety in your production!

Lithium Ion Battery FactoryVariety of solvents are added to electrolytes, such as DMC, EMC and DEC. These have the potential to explode when vaporized, so gas detectors are required.
Silikon reduziert Sensor sensitivitySensors contaminated with silicon cannot provide correct readings because the response to NMP is compromised. In addition, RIKEN has taken measures to significantly reduce the sensor's loss of sensitivity.

In the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries, there are a number of points to consider with regard to safety in production.

  1. Explosion protection (vapours from solvents and electrolytes)
  2. Toxic gases endanger the health of employees
  3. Aspiration of hazardous dusts (graphite, lithium cobalt dioxide)

RIKEN KEIKI offers NMP monitoring for battery cell production. N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone is used in the production of lithium-ion batteries and is toxic and also highly flammable.

For flammable and toxic gases that can be released during filling, coating and drying, the SD series from RIKEN KEIKI offers excellent solutions, even at temperatures up to 200°C.

Stationary (e.g. SD-3) and protable devices such as e.g. the GX-6000.

Advice and risk assessment

We will be happy to advise you on possible risks in your production and, with RIKEN KEIKI, we have a well-known manufacturer with top products and innovative measuring principles at our side. We accompany you through the entire process and are at your disposal with our expertise.

  • Stationary gas detection technology
  • Portable Gas Detectors
  • Safety consulting and training
  • Trace moisture measurement and gas analysis with DKS
  • Calibration and service of the equipment supplied by us
RIKEN KEIKI - Solutions for battery cell production

Oxygen measurements

Sensors and devices

In the DKS Ltd. we offer a big variety of sensors and devices for measuring oxygen in gases.In the selection of devices for measuring oxygen in principle to distinguish between sensors based on ZrO2 and electrochemical sensors. it is important to select the appropriate range of oxygen measurement (Vol -% - or Vppm) and notify us when inquiring. We are happy to share application-specific solutions with you and to provide you with our many years of experience in the gas analysis. You will receive further information or the ability to free advice or to create an offer, please contact us.

Oxygen measurements

Electrochemical Transmitter for Oxygen measurementpotentiometric O2 sensor

Gas warning and measuring devices

For almost all gases.

  • Portable gas detectors / gas detectors
  • Stationary gas warning systems
  • Combined measuring devices, e.g. with flow measurement
  • PID sensors, galvanic and electrochemical sensors, IR sensors
  • Catalytic combustion
  • TCDs for measuring gases such as H2, He, N2, Ar, Ne, Kr, Xe
  • IR measurement of gases like CO2, CH4, CO, SO2, H2O usw.
  • Gas-independent gas flow measurement
  • Cross-sensitivity compensation

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You will only find a small part of our measurement solutions in the product catalog. Please contact us! Together we will find the best solution for your measurement task. DKS, your partner for gas measurements!

Gas warning and measuring devices

DKS Humidity calculator

Our service

Our services are aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction and to be an important partner for all issues of industrial gas measuring techniques.

  • Planning, manufacture and start-up of measuring devices based on your specific application
  • Coordination of all services including the cooperation partners we choose to solve complex problems.
  • Calibration and adjustment of the measuring devices supplied by us, and also ...
  • Certified calibration of sensors for climatic measuring technique

For more information, a free consultation or to create an offer please contact the team of DKS Ltd. in Großröhrsdorf.

Or phone us +49 35952 429465.

We look forward to your request!

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