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Humidity calculator for relative humidity, dew point, water vapor content and much more.

With the DKS humidity calculator, the parameters volume fractions trace moisture [ppmV], relative humidity RH [in %] and the dew point temperature Tdp [in °C] in the range -70 to +100 °C can be approximately converted. The maximum error is around 0.3%.


Humidity Calculator - Convert humidity measurand

Programmtechnische Umsetzung: Zhibo Zhou, Dresden

You will also receive information on:

  • Absolute humidity ρW (in g/m³)
  • Vapor pressure pW (in hPa/mbar)
  • Saturation vapor pressure pWS (in hPa/mbar)
  • Mixing ratio X (in g/kg)
  • Water vapor content (in g/m³)
  • Enthalpy h (in kJ/kg)
  • Mass fractions ppmW

Quick start Guide

  • First select the given value and confirm.
  • Please enter plausible values ​​in the input fields. Standard values ​​stored as follows: T=23°C, p=1013.25bar, MGas (standard air: 28,0134 g/mol)
  • Click on "Calculate"
  • You will find the calculated values ​​in the output area
Suitable moisture measuring devices for the trace range in inert, combustible and corrosive gases can be found here:

Trace moisture meters

Dew point hygrometers
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