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AQUATRACE® IV, Humidity measurements - trace moisture

1. What should be considered when switching on the AQUATRACE® - IV?

After pressing the power switch is the power button to hold for 3 - 5 s. The process is complete when the diagram appears.

2. How can I check if my measuring device is working correctly?

In the event of faults, I can use the test plug to check the mode of operation of the electronics or, with the test socket as a 'spare cell', the test lead between the sensor and the evaluation unit.

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4. What should I consider when I use a new cell?

When using a new measuring cell and before every new coating, the zero point of the cell must be checked.

When connecting the sensor, the display must show 0ppm.

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5. How can I check if the sensor is still working correctly if the measured values are not clear?

If the readings are nearly constant, but you have doubts about the correct operation of the sensor, you can do a sensor check.

It lasts 90 sec. And can be tracked over the 'running' bar.

If it is positive, the result is displayed. After confirmation, the device enters the measuring mode.

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6. What happens if the sensor check fails?

The result shows the alternatives: 'yes' ... 'no' .... And an 'oil can'

If you select 'Yes', the coating routine is called.
If you select 'no', the device returns to measuring mode and the symbol of the oil can remains as a reminder that a new coating is still pending.

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7. What steps are required if the device has a coating of the sensor recommends?

The sensor must be completely clean (0 – Point Check) apply phosphoric acid evenly, while gently tilting the sensor downwards.

Here the necessary steps are demonstrated, which are necessary for a recoating of the sensor, for example after a negative sensor check or after visible contamination

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9. Can I also read out and store data?

It can read current and historical data. You can record individual days or the 'swap' button for a full month.

The data is provided in csv format.

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10. What to do if a blocking message appears on the screen?

When the devices are delivered, a runtime limitation may be programmed which may coincide with an agreed test time or the payment term. If the information 'unlicensed device' appears, the screen is no longer operable; however, the readings will still be displayed.

In this case contact your distributor. You will receive a file from there by e-mail. This one becomes direct; without intermediate folder, copied to a USB stick.

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11. What is the possibility to display information about the system?

There are 2 ways to get information about the system:

1. Calling system information on the display 'Systeminfo-Display. jpg'

2. Store the system information on a USB stick only for correspondence with the manufacturer. You can see the result on the screen 'Systeminfo-exp01. jpg'

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12. Is there a difference between the AQUATRACE IV and the AQUATRACE transmitter?

The AQUATRACE®-IV is a complete measuring system consisting of measuring cell and programmable, digitalized evaluation unit with touch screen.

The AQUATRACE transmitter is a transmitter with a fixed measuring range of 0 - 500 ppm, as well as with analog outputs 4- 20 mA or 0 - 10 V as well as an RS 232 interface.

13. How can I integrate a AQUATRACE Transmitter into the measuring system?

The AQUATRACE transmitter can either be connected directly to the gas line of a system, eg. Glovebox and can be inserted using KNF flange DN 40 or DN 25,
in the bypass as a measuring cell, as known from the AQUATRACE®-IV.

14. What should be considered when using a AQUATRACE transmitter?

Carefully remove the protective sleeve of the flange so that the sensor is not damaged. The coating must be carried out in the same way as for the measuring cell of the AQUATRACE® - IV.

The LED on the head of the transmitter illuminates 'orange' during the start-up phase. When the upper limit of the measuring range is reached, it changes to 'green'. A 'red' LED indicates a system error.

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15. What options are there to directly visualize the measured values of an AQUATRACE Transmitter?

The required software is included in the delivery. It is located on the enclosed USB stick.

The adapter for the RS 232 interface to the USB port of the computer must be provided by the customer or can be ordered separately from us.

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