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Designation: CO, CO2, O2, H2O

With pressure-compensated paramagnetic oxygen sensor and P2O5 - Analyzer unit for residual moisture measuring.

The gas analysis system described hereafter is designed for set-up in safe area and under air conditioned, in-door conditions. It provides continuous and simultaneous concentration measurement of the following compounds, which is supplied from one source:

  • Traces of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 0-500ppmv
  • Traces of Carbon Monoxide (CO) 0-50ppmv
  • Purity of Oxygen (O2) 95-100Vol%
  • Traces of Humidity (H2O) 0-2000ppmv - AQUATRACE® 19" inch rack
  • Background gas: oxygen



This system contains all necessary equipment for sampling, conditioning and analysis of above listed gases.

The following measuring methods are used to determine the concentration of each individual compound:

  • CO ppm V GfX infrared gas analyzer
  • CO2 ppm v GfX infrared gas analyzer
  • O2 Vol% Pm paramagnetic gas analyzer (with atmospheric pressure compensation)
  • H2O ppm V P2O5 trace moisture analyzer 0-2000 ppm V

The system is designed to measure the quality of Oxygen in a laboratory, supplied from a single source. After pressure reduction the sample gas is transported to the rack with analysers, where the sample gas is filtered and analysed. All measuring results from the installed analysers are available as standardised, isolated 4-20mA analogue signals and also as a digital Modbus® communication. The flow through each individual analyser is visualised by a flow meter. Seamless precision pipes and compression fittings, both made of stainless steel, are used to provide highest system integrity to avoid measurement errors caused by diffusion effects or leaks. Continuous purging of the sample lines to the trace humidity analyser ensures fast response and precision of the measurement.

The measured concentration and status from each individual analyser is transferred digitally via Modbus® to field I/O modules.


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