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Designation: Combi device for the oxygen measurement in flue gases in combination with a measurement of traces of humidity

NEW!!! Lower H2O Detection limit 0.01 ppmV | 10 ppbV

In more and more technological processes, the question of continuous monitoring of the gas atmosphere for residual moisture and oxygen (often also residual oxygen) arises in order to prevent or avoid corrosion damage.

In order to meet the industry's desire for a combined measuring device that can simultaneously measure trace moisture and residual oxygen in gases, we hereby introduce the AQUATROX device, with which the moisture in the trace range and the residual oxygen with a ZrO2-Oxygen sensor, a paramagnetic sensor or an electrochemical sensor can be measured.



  • Monitoring of shielding and forming gases in welding and soldering technology
  • Monitoring of medical oxygen during filling, production and removal
  • Monitoring of residual moisture and residual oxygen in the semiconductor industry (e.g. quality monitoring in PCB production)
  • Monitoring of reducing or inert furnace atmospheres during heat treatment processes (e.g. annealing and sintering of metals or ceramics)
  • Leak detection
  • Tracking of rinsing processes of furnaces, technical vessels, reactors, ...
  • Tracking of pyrolysis processes for process optimization, quality assurance and energy saving
  • Process optimization in thermal and/or chemical surface treatment (carbonation, nitriding, sulphidation and much more)
  • Control and regulation of vacuum processes (PVD, sputtering, plasma / laser technology)

With the development of a combination device for the simultaneous determination of residual moisture and oxygen, we can simultaneously evaluate these two gas parameters and make them available to the plant operator as a control variable. Under the brand name AQUATROX we combine the proven P2O-Electrolysis and various oxygen measurement methods in the ppm and % range to a uniform comfortable analysis system.



Technical Specifications


AQUATROX® IV - R 19" rack construction, 1st channel trace moisture, 2nd channel oxygen concentration

various oxygen sensors available: paramagentic, potentiometric, electrochemical


Performance Specifications

Measuring range:

0-2000 Vppm, dew point –100 °C - 20 °C, on request non-standard ranges available

Oxygen: 0-100%, 95-100%, 0.1ppm-23,000ppm


H2O: +/- 5% of the display value, at least 0.4 ppmV | optional: min. 0.04 ppmV

Oxygen: on request

Response time:

Dry to wet: T90 < 5 sec; Wet after dry: T90 < 15 min

Oxygen: on request


H2O: +/- 0.1 ppm | optional: +/- 0.02 ppm

Oxygen: on request


traceable calibration certificate | n-point calibration/adjustment (optional)


Touchscreen 800x480 pixels, colored


Each measuring channel

Lower detection limit

H2O: 0.1 ppmV | optional: 0.01 ppmV

Oxygen: on request



H2O: In ppmV or Tp°C (adjustable)

Oxygen: %, ppmV

Transmission rate


Data log rate

min. 2s max 10 min 

Sensor Detection


Sensor test

automatic (function test)


4-20 mA (freely scalable)

Alarm output

Limit value - programmable as potential-free alternating contact

Channel relays

4 channel relays according to NAMUR (F + S; C + M), per channel


Measuring cell (H2O)

Material measuring cell

PVDF or stainless steel

Sensor material

Platinum on glass carrier/ceramic or interdigital structure on ceramic carrier

Leakage rate

< 5x10 -7 mbar x l / s

Sample gas flow

20 Nl/h or 100 Nl/h

Sample gas temperature

+5 ... +90 °C

Sample gas pressure

approx. 200 mbarü at the measuring cell inlet, flowing out without pressure

Gas connections

for 1/4" NPT screwdriver

Measuring cell connection

5 – pol. Binder plug, angled

Measuring cable

assembled 2 m; max. cable length 100 m



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