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Designation: Fast thermal conductivity analyzer - multi-gas analyzer

The FTC320 is the new generation of thermal conductivity analyzers.

With the new electronics the measuring accuracy could be further improved.

The new electronics and software allow the solution of up to 99 tasks with one instrument and an extension for selective oxygen (O2) measurement by the additional module.

The EX version is certified for zone Ex II 3G Ex nR IIC T4 Gc.

The device has a comfortable operating menu which allows easy adjustment, parameterization and configuration. In addition, operating and data access is possible via an RS232 interface. Various analog signal inputs and outputs are also available.

The robust design of the FTC320 is designed in protection class IP65. It can be operated at ambient temperatures from -20°C to +50°C and is pressure resistant up to 20 bar.

For the measurement of hydrogen in nitrogen the smallest measuring range is 0 to 0.3 vol.%.
The FTC320 Thermal Conductivity Analyzer can be set up to allow switching between different measurement tasks.

The FTC320 features a highly effective cross-sensitivity compensation routine that can be flexibly adapted to the respective measuring task. It requires an external voltage signal as an input variable that reflects the concentration of the gas components causing the cross-sensitivity.

The drift is specified with 1% of the reference.
The noise could be improved from 50ppm (FTC300) to 5 ppm (FTC320).
The temperature dependence of 5 ppm per 1°C is also significantly lower than the FTC300’s 50 ppm.




Measurement process Thermal conductivity
Sampling Analyzer extractive
Connection 6mm pipe
Dimensions (WxHxD in mm) 145x80x85
Protection class IP 65
Pressure-proof to 20 bar absolute
Power supply 18V to 36V DC / 700mA
Ambient temperature range -20°C to 50°C
Weight to 1800g
T90 time at 60l/h < 1sec
RS232 Yes
Current output 1x, 0/4-20 mA
Voltage output 2x, 0-10V
Display Yes
Relays 3x
Service program SetApp 2.0 Yes
Calibration on site Yes
Flow measurement Yes
Flow monitor Yes
Infrared measurement
Multi Gas Mode Yes
Protection against corrosion Yes
Protection against condensate and dust Yes
Suitable for inflammable gases Yes
Moisture measurement Yes
Cross-sensitivity compensation Yes, external signal required
Specifications gas analysis:
Noise < 1% of smallest range
Drift at zero point per week < 2% of smallest range
Repeatability < 1% of smallest range
Non-linearity < 1% of range
Measuring error with ambient temperature change per 10°K < 1% of smallest range
Flow influence between 60l/h and 90l/h per 10l/h < 1% of smallest range
Fault with measurement gas change (Pabs > 800 hPa) per 10 hPa < 1% of smallest range


Measurement Components and Ranges



The additional module for oxygen measurement extends the application range of the FTC320 for non-binary gases with oxygen content. The oxygen measurement is based on an electrochemical cell, which is lead-free, RoHS compliant with a long lifetime and fully CO2 resistant. The electrochemical cell is sensitive to oxygen partial pressure. The output signal of the oxygen sensor is digital and is processed in the FTC320. To provide a pressure-independent output signal in Vol.%, the signal is compensated by the internal pressure sensor. The display of the oxygen concentration on the display as well as the calibration, the setting of the measuring ranges and the alarm relays are provided. The overall setup is shown in figure 1. Figure 2 shows the installation of the electrochemical module. It is attached to the output of the FTC320 with a 6 mm compression fitting (1). A tube (2) leads the gas to the rectangular stainless steel adapter (3). The electrochemical cell (4) is screwed into the adapter (3). A cap (5) is placed on the cell (4). A connector inside the cap is used to connect the cell to the FTC via the cable (6).

Specifications additional module: Selective oxygen (O2) measurement

Measurement process Electrochemical
Construction type additional module
Sampling 6mm pipe socket
Dimensions (W x H x D in mm) 145x80x85
Connection IP 65
Protection class 700 hPa bis 1250 hPa
Pressure-proof to 10l/h bis 100l/h
Power supply From FTC320
Ambient temperature range 0 bis 45 °C
Weight 500g
T90 time at 60l/h < 10sec
Lifetime < 6 years with ambient air, depending on the application, higher temperature and dryer gas reduce service life
Maintenance User replaceable sensor
Materials in contact with media: ABS, PVC, PPS, PTFE, stainless steel
RS232 Via FTC320
Current output -
Voltage output -
Display Via FTC320
Relays Via FTC320
Service programm SetApp2.0 -
Calibration on site Via FTC320
Specifications gas analysis:
Measuring range Smallest measuring range: 0.01Vol.% to 2Vol.%
  Smallest measuring range: 0.01Vol.% to 100 Vol.%
Noise Smallest measuring range: 0.01Vol.% to 2Vol.%
Zero Offset Equivalents Smallest measuring range: 0.01Vol.% to 2Vol.%
  Largest measuring range: 0.01Vol.% to 100 Vol.%
Drift < 1 % per month, averaged over 12 months
Repeatability ± 1 % vol O2 @ 100 % vol O2 for 5 min applied
Linearity deviation 0 to 2 Vol.% O2: ± 0.1 absolute
  2.1 Vol.% to 100 Vol.% O2: ± 0.5 relative
Pressure dependence, compensated: <0.1% / 10hPa
Messfehler bei Umgebungstemperaturänderung pro 10°K < 1% of smallest MB
Measuring error with ambient temperature change per 10°K < 1% of smallest MB
Error when the sample gas pressure changes (Pabs> 800hPa) per 10hPa < 1% of smallest MB
Influence of humidity: 0,03 % rel. O2-measured value per % RH
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