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Designation: Powerful gas warning system for various requirements for measuring gas hazards
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Powerful gas warning system for various requirements for measuring gas hazards

The gas warning system GMA200-MW is the most innovative and most flexible control and analysis unit for gas hazards on the market. Its nearly unlimited number of configurations ensures flexible, simple and clearly structured operation in industrial and commercial applications for measuring combustible and toxic gases/vapours and for measuring oxygen concentrations.

Compact gas warning system with flexible use

Up to 16 GfG transmitters for different gas types can be connected to the GMA200-MW gas warning system. The transmitters can be connected individually as analogue variant in a star shape or with reduced cabling when using digital GfG transmitters for connection as bus variant via the RS485 interface. Thanks to the GMA200 configuration software, the configuration of measuring points is fast and easy and already installed GMA200-MW gas warning systems can be extended without any problems. The software enables free programming of settings like measuring point designations, transmitter type, gas type and measurement range, three individual or predefined alarm thresholds per measuring point and the corresponding relays.

Integrated and external relays

In view of the increasing requirements being placed on safety measures up to redundant protection against gas hazards, complex gas warning systems are in demand.

The gas warning system GMA200-MW is equipped with eight internal relays. Six relays can be freely configured using the software program in order to implement safety measures and alarms. The configuration software offers numerous and flexible options like the assignment of one or several measuring points to relays, single alarms per measuring point and alarm threshold, configuration of collective or group alarms, fault messages and voting functions.

An additional relay is available for each controller as a safety-related fault message and maintenance relay.

For a further extensive implementation of safety measures, the GMA200 can be extended with up to 4 additional relay modules and the number of available relays can be increased to a maximum of 72. With the help of a bus wiring, the external relay modules can also be used at decentralized locations.

Cost advantage for complex systems with an unlimited number of measuring points

Far superior to conventional systems

Another outstanding advantage of the system comes to bear when realizing large installations with many measuring points and relays. The bus connections with reduced cabling combined with only one control unit for 16 different transmitters result in convincing price benefits compared to conventional systems with individual modules per measuring channel.

These benefits are already noticeable as of few measuring channels. Get a free non-binding consultation.

Thanks to the space-saving wall-mounted casings, there is not need to install large and costly control cabinets.

Visualisation for showing all systems at a glance

The visualisation software GMA200-VS is used to clearly present all gas warning systems and transmitters. It does not matter how many systems are to be included or which transmission routes are the preferred ones.

The data can be conveniently displayed using a PC in the control cabin or using one of the GfG TFT touch screen displays (size 8"-15").

You can show the temporal flow lines of the individual transmitters or you can provide your personnel with specific and aimed instructions for individual alarm situations.

Emergency power supply

For being able to assure absolute safety from gas hazards in case of a power failure, several versions of emergency power supply are available for the GMA200 system.

For bridging short failure times, a compact battery pack can be directly integrated into the wall-mounted casing of the GMA200-MW. For compensating for longer failure times or for providing the power supply for extensive systems, supply units with comprehensive capacities are available in separate wall-mounted casings.

LED status indicators

The status of the gas warning system GMA200-MW, operation, fault and service are permanently shown through LED indicators.

Graphic display

Thanks to the clear design of the gas warning system GMA 200-MW, hazardous situations can be quickly detected. The LCD graphic display permanently shows the current measurement values. In case of a gas alarm, the red background lighting of the display is activated. With the help of the integrated memory, alarm levels as well as minimum and maximum values per measuring point are shown on the LCD display for providing a first, fast risk assessment.

Data logger function

The gas warning system GMA200-MW can be equipped with a Micro SD memory card. Measurement values, average values, alarm events and malfunctions are permanently stored in intervals to be configured individually and can be read out for evaluation purposes.

The benefits at a glance

  • Freely programmable connection of transmitters for measuring combustible and toxic gases/vapours and oxygen
  • Freely programmable relays
  • Flexible, reliable and cost-saving
  • Clear LCD graphic display with background lighting
  • Wall-mounted casing, IP 65
  • Connections: 0.2-1mA, 4-20mA and RS485
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