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Designation: thermal conductivity principle and integrated selective infrared measurement

The FTC400 compact gas analyser offers precise and reliable process monitoring based on the principle of thermal conductivity plus integrated selective infrared measurement of CO2, CH4, CO, H2O and other IR-active gases. In addition to (quasi-) binary gas mixtures of, inter alia, H2, He, Ne, Ar, N2, Kr, O2, CH4, CO2, NH3 and SF6, complex gas mixtures can also be analysed online by means of cross-sensitivity compensation.

H2 in natural gas or biogas, for example, can be accurately determined. Of course, the concentrations of the IR-active gases can also be displayed and read out. The FTC400 is designed in enclosure IP65 and is specified for absolute sample gas pressures of up to 2 bar. A version for higher sample gas pressures is available on request. The FTC series operates without reference gases, even at the smallest measuring ranges of e.g. 0 vol.% – 0.5 vol.% of H2 in N2.


Measurement process Thermal conductivity, 3xIR, measurement gas pressure
Sampling Analyzer extractive
Connection 6mm pipe
Dimensions (WxHxD in mm) 145x80x85
Protection class IP 65
Pressure-proof to 2 bar absolute
Power supply 18V to 36V DC / 700mA
Ambient temperature range -20°C to 50°C
Weight to 1800g
T90 time at 60l/h <1sec span="">
RS232 Yes
Current output 1x, 0/4-20 mA
Voltage output 2x, 0-10V
Display Yes
Relays 3x
Service program SetApp 2.0
Calibration on site Yes
Flow measurement
Flow monitor
Infrared measurement Yes
Multi Gas Mode Yes
Protection against corrosion limited
Protection against condensate and dust limited
Suitable for inflammable gases Yes
Moisture measurement
Cross-sensitivity compensation Yes, integrated
Specifications gas analysis:
Noise < 1% of smallest range
Drift at zero point per week < 2% of smallest range
Repeatability < 1% of smallest range
Non-linearity < 1% of range
Measuring error with ambient temperature change per 10°K < 1% of smallest range
Flow influence between 60l/h and 90l/h per 10l/h < 1% of smallest range
Fault with measurement gas change (Pabs > 800 hPa) per 10 hPa < 1% of smallest range
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